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Our Story


Family- Based


The Lenchyshyn family owns and operates a family-based business' namely Cold Country Spray Foam and their most recent concrete lifting division, Slab-Jack Kings. Initially they started with their son Christopher and as the business expanded, their son Jeremy was added to the staff. Just recently, their daughter Amy has joined the team. They are striving to become an integral part of the Canadian construction industry’s movement into eco-friendly products and services.



Our family has its roots on a mixed family farm in Southeastern Manitoba. Three generations of our family have derived a living primarily from the production of food. It was only recently that current patriarch Tim Lenchyshyn decided to considerably wane down the food production operations and move into a completely different industry. From family farm, to family business.

Earn a Living by Saving People Money & Preserving the Planet

Farmers in Canada spend almost every day of their working lives trying to cut costs. So this habit of saving costs has led to our current path of providing products and services that focus on saving the customers some of their hard earned money and contribute to the worlds longevity at the same time. You can save money and energy by choosing spray foam insulation and you can contribute to the longevity of the planet by choose to lift settled concrete versus replacement.

One of our family members would gladly meet with you to discuss your insulation requirements!​​