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Why Choose Spray Foam?

Primary Benefits

How we benefit you:

The spray foam that Cold Country Spray Foam uses is unique and superior because it has a GWP (global warming potential) of 99% less than others on the market today.

Our insulation equipment consists of a small truck and an enclosed trailer. Two crew members will reel out a long, unobtrusive hose that will reach up to 200 feet from the trailer. Set up to spraying time takes usually less than 1 hour, depending upon how much masking-off needs to be done to prepare for the project. Prior to the start of the project, customers must vacate the premises and not return for 24 hours after the completion of the areas to be inhabited. We are responsible to achieve adequate ventilation with the use of our fans that we provide during the foam curation process.

​​Spray Foam acts as an air and vapour barrier. Air infiltration/exfiltration can account for 40% of energy loss in a building. Spray foam acts as an air barrier to stop this air leakage which can cause high energy bills. No other insulation system can be installed as perfectly as spray foam insulation.

Spray foam increases the racking strength of a building by up to 300%. Moisture is the primary source of building failure and spray foam enormously reduces this risk. Unlike batt-insulation, spray foam doesn't sag or deteriorate over time. Once properly installed, it maintains its R-Value, density and efficiency.

Our foam is safer for us to apply and safer for you to install in the space that you will be inhabiting. Spray foam has mold-reducing qualities. By reducing moisture, spray foam is making your building healthier. It deters the disease-carrying pests, such as rodents from entering your space and does not provide a place for them to inhabit-unlike other types of insulation.